What we do

Ms Delta Blues

& heritage festival

It is the OLDEST continuously operating blues festival in the WORLD.
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affordable Housing

pre-ed & financing

Helping families in need of housing to gain access to a home at an affordable price.
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Youthbuild program

building leaders

The YouthBuild program started October 1, 2009. Rebuilding hope, changing lives and communities.
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Blues In The Schools

more than the blues

the plan is to visit your school and challenge students to find creative ways of writing, singing...
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Our Approach

MACE’s approach to meeting the housing needs of low-income residents of the Delta is through a multi-faceted approach. MACE offers unique homeowner training for individuals who can purchase a home within 6 - 12 months or longer.

Financial Literacy

This program will teach individuals how to save and invest successfully, choose and use affordable bank services and products effectively, use credit effectively and efficiently maintain appropriate and adequate insurance coverage. All of which will help individuals to develop an effective financial plan.

MS Blues & Heritage

the OLDEST continuously operating blues festival in the WORLD

This event has attracted a Who’s Who of performers including B.B. King, Sam Chatmon, Son Thomas, Willie Foster, Ruby Wilson, Robert Cray, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Albert King, Bobby Rush and Denise LaSalle. The festival has been covered by ABC, NBC, CBS, ETV, Ebony, Living Blues and The New York Times among others.

n a chronically poor region, the Festival provides an economic boost contributing nearly three million dollars annually to the local economy. The economic impact of the Mississippi Delta Blues and Heritage Festival represents only a fraction of the revenue that blues-related cultural tourism can bring to the region.

Blues In The Schools

Much More than the blues

The Blues is so much more than the connotation of the word blue...the Blues is a cultural phenomenon, born to American sharecroppers from the Mississippi Delta.

A vision

It was the founders' vision to create programs that stimulated physical, social, and economic development in the rural Mississippi Delta.

cultural enrichment programs

We are eager to share with you some of the “new” cultural enrichment programs, we have developed for your students, through lessons learned and documented.

Our Youthbuild Program

Young people attend a YouthBuild class full-time on alternate weeks

A school, in which young people attend a YouthBuild class full-time on alternate weeks, studying for their GEDs. Classes are small, allowing one-on-one attention to students.

Community Service

A in which young people build housing for homeless and other low-income people, providing a valuable and visible commodity for their hard-pressed communities.


A Job Training and Pre-Apprenticeship Program

Young people get close supervision and training in construction skills full-time on alternate weeks from qualified instructors. We help young people recognize patterns in their lives that have held them back, and encourage them to take responsibility for making things.


Youth Development Program

Young people participate in personal counseling, peer support groups, and life planning processes that assist them in healing from past hurts, overcoming negative habits and attitudes, and pursuing achievable goals that will establish a productive life.


A long-Term Mini-Community

Young people make new friends committed to a positive lifestyle, pursue cultural and recreational activities together, and can continue to participate for years through the YouthBuild Alumni Association.


National Movement:

We are part of a larger social movement dedicated to redefining the perception of youth in America. There are 165 operating Youth Build’s nationwide serving 5,500 young people nationwide each year, four in the state of Mississippi.  www.youthbuild.org